Solenoid Driven Pumps

SEKO’s solenoid dosing pumps are the smart choice for water treatment processes where precise, consistent chemical dosing is essential. From potable water treatment systems to chemical dosing for agricultural applications, you’ll always find a perfectly-matched solution within our comprehensive solenoid-driven dosing pumps range.

Powerful microprocessor technology guarantees dosing accuracy, while wall and base-mounting options, constant and proportional dosing and analogue and digital variants provide unrivalled choice. Most of these solenoid diaphragm pumps can even be used without performance loss in locations with no access to mains electricity or where power supply fluctuates courtesy of SEKO’s stabilized multi power supply.

The use of premium materials such as PVDF and food-grade PTFE in the liquid end components gives our solenoid dosing pumps the flexibility to be used in multiple applications, as they have high resistance to a variety of aggressive chemicals including highly-corrosive substances such as acids.

With just a single moving part, these diaphragm pumps are virtually wear-free and require no lubrication of bearings or shafts, minimizing maintenance requirement and repair costs whilst offering excellent continuous-running characteristics.