Dosing pump controllers

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The Kontrol 200 series are professional controllers designed for advanced water treatment applications. All models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be set by the end user via software. Moreover, the instrument is equipped with programmes that assist the installer in the management and replacement of the measurement electrodes, using the clever " electrode quality " control function.

Kontrol 200 is suitable for the following applications: Drinking Water applications - Irrigation systems - Fish farming - Cooling Towers - Swimming Pools - Flocculent dosing systems - Waste Water - Pure Water - Plating - Reverse  Osmosis  

The Kontrol 200 Series of advanced controllers are designed for simpler high - end applications. The unites feature and independent proportional control output, probe quality checking and a variety of outputs. the user has full programming authority. 
Reads: pH/ORP - Conductivity/Inductive - Dissolved Oxygen Chlorine and Chlo. Dioxide Potentiostatic Cell - Hydrogen Peroxide - Ozone - Peracetic - Turbidity - Suspended - Temperature