Dosing pump controllers

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Kontrol 800 are user-friendly controllers designed for simple and advanced water treatment applications requiring simultaneous control of a number of chemical parameters. All models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be set by the
end user via software.

Kontrol 800 is suitable for the following applications - drinking water - irrigation systems - cooling towers - swimming pools - flocculent dosing systems.

Equipped with independent and proportional control outputs, 2 programmable frequency and 4 - 20 mA current outputs, an RS485 serial port with MODBUS protocol, 6 relay outputs, probe quality control and is enabled for data collection.

The alphanumeric display ensures fast set up and final check on the programming data. The easy to use menu enables a simple setting of the various options without the risk of forgetting anything and the “electrode quality” function allows the user to ensure
optimum performance of the equipment.

The internal menu allows users to check the statistics on the life of the probes and the operating life of the controller while the data logger function provides information that helps monetise the results from the measurements.