Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps

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Nyva is a series of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps designed to meet API 675 standards and suitable for applications that require very high precision. The range offers a wide range of wetted parts available to suit various applications. Furthermore, being fully compliant with the ATEX European Directive means that these pumps can also be installed in hazardous areas.

Main features:
• Integral worm gearbox, oil bath lubricated with low noise emissions
• Rotating parts on ball bearings to minimize the power consumption
• High precision linear stroke adjustment, both manual and by an electrical actuator

Hydraulic diaphragm heads
The ideal solution for applications requiring high levels of safety and reliability
• Zero leakage: hermetic construction for dosing toxic, corrosive and other unsafe liquids, where leak free is a critical requirement
• Protection against external pollutants which could contaminate the liquid being pumped
• Flexibility of use: the PTFE diaphragms are compatible with a huge liquid range

Mechanical refilling system
Maintains a constant volume in the hydraulic chamber, thereby guaranteeing maximum precision and repeatability. It also keeps
the deformation of diaphragm under control providing a longer life.

Venting system
While guaranteeing the automatic venting of the hydraulic chamber during operation, this system also facilitates the pump start-up
with a manual action to purge the air / gas. A built in relief valve protects the pump against unexpected overpressure.

Cartridge valves
Ensuring maximum dosing precision, even with small flow rates, the double check valve configurations are available with high
precision machined seats. The metal gaskets for the SS 316L stainless steel heads, and the FPM gaskets for those
in plastic, guarantee maximum chemical compatibility.

Flow Rate adjustment  Manual or automatic by AKTUA.