Wall-mounted foam cleaning system

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In busy food-production, pharmaceutical and hospitality areas, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in the face of time constraints requires systems that provide high-performance cleaning with minimal effort. For this, SEKO’s wall-mounted ProMulticlean foam cleaning station provides an all-in-one solution.

Attaching directly to low-pressure water and compressed-air circuits, the HACCP-compliant ProMulticlean produces a thick, high-grade dry foam that clings to vertical and hard-to-reach surfaces for optimal working time and superb cleaning performance.

Meanwhile, the additional rinse option and spray function for two chemicals make ProMulticlean a complete, convenient industrial foam cleaning solution for managers looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning routines.

Depending on the model selected, ProMulticlean’s hose prop comes built-in (PVC version) or separate (stainless-steel version), while the system’s versatility extends to trolley-mounting and air-compressor options.