Complete, compact solutions for warewash

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Designed for heavy use, industrial warewash machines, this dosing system is controlled by a microprocessor and has an LCD display offering full digital control, with password protection for programming. It combines easy installation with a wide range of functions including management of statistics, which can be downloaded using an infrared system. TwinDose 40 and 40 Plus are designed for use with all types of dishwashing machines (single tank and tunnel). TwinDose 40 Plus is specifically designed for heavier duty applications, with the use of power-boosted motors and inductive technology for measuring conductivity. The range available includes a series of models that are able to suit all the client’s needs.

  • Detergent dosing  - conductivity or timed 
  • Rinse-aid dosing  - speed or timed
  • Sanitizer dosing - speed
Detergent Pump  
  • Santoprene squeeze tubing  
  • Flow rate  1.0 - 13.2l/h
Rinse-Aid Pump 
  • Sekobril squeeze tubing
  • Maximum pressure 3 bar
  • Flow rate  0.19 - 2.4l/h
  • Sanitizer Pump