Battery-operated timed drain dosing unit

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In food service areas such as commercial kitchens where drain and grease trap blockages are common, operators turn to the DD1 timed drain dosing system from SEKO for an effective, reliable and eco-friendly solution.

The DD1 contains a peristaltic dosing pump that measures and delivers a pre-programmed quantity of enzyme-based chemical into the drain or grease trap, breaking up the fats and oils that cause blockages, overflows and unpleasant odours and allowing them to be washed away.

The battery-powered DD1 is quick and easy to install and set up, and as it’s not connected to mains power it’s completely safe in food-service areas. Its long-life battery pack means the unit can be left to operate without any intervention, with only an annual maintenance requirement.

As well as avoiding the use of harsh caustic solutions, the DD1 eliminates manual dosing of chemicals for a safe, precise and reliable solution to blocked restaurant and commercial kitchen drains.