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TwinDose 20 is an automatic compact detergent and rinse-aid dispenser, designed for hood and conveyor-type warewash machines, suitable for professional single and double solenoid valve warewash machines. It comes within a compact design and LED display, using potentiometers and DIP switches.

Detergent Dosing   
  • Priming timed control
  • Top up speed control
  • Rinse-Aid dosing speed control
  • Detergent delay timed (Tunnel Machines only)  20 sec
Detergent Pump  
  • Santoprene squeeze tubing
  • Flow rate  1 - 6 l/h
Rinse-Aid Pump 
  • Sekobril squeeze tubing
  • Maximum pressure 3 bar
  • Flow rate  0.2 - 1l/h