SEKO has a long history in delivering solutions to a wide range of industrial processes. Our product range is designed to meet the most exacting of applications and industry-specific requirements. 

Mining Industry

Abrasive and corrosive fluids typically used in mining operations present a challenge to any pump manufacturer. High solids content and strong acidity create problems for diaphragms, centrifugal or other types of pumps where the product is in contact with the working parts of the pump. SEKO's pumps can dose and are compatible with the following chemicals: xantatos, mercury, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, hydrogen sulphate, concentrated sulphuric acid and monomer for flotation.

Paper Industry

In asector that is highly sensitive to the environment and especially the effluent discharges from its mills, the paper industry can turn to SEKO for dosing solutions for the following products: polymer, retention agents, glues, synthetic surfactant and whitening agents.

Desalination Plants Industry

Water is one of the world's most precious resources and in the ever-increasing need for usable water, SEKO can provide pumps for desalination facilities specifically for dosing into: RO high pressure pump (seawater pumping); UF pumps (coagulant or polymer); CEB pumps sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid, caustic; RO pump SMBS, sulphuric acid, antiscalant; neutralization pumps (caustic, sulphuric acid).

Plastics Industry

SEKO pumps deal with a number of chemicals commonly found in the plastic manufacturing industry. Systems are suitable for: activators dosing to the reactor; potassium hydroxide unloading pump and dosing to monomer column; aqueous phase dosing; chemical expanding agent for PU foam.

Metals Industry

In the rinsing of components after chemical processing, SEKO pumps ensures efficient metering and mixing of mineral and synthetic soluble oils for filling or adjusting operations whereas acids and caustic agents for galvanic plants.

Cement Industry

An industry that continues to grow, even with large conglomerates merging, but with significant growth still in the Asian and Far East markets. SEKO's presence here provides high quality and extensive technical know-how locally. The basic requirements for mixing cement are cement compound, sand, crushed rock and water. SEKO pumps are tested in order to provide urea dosage into ovens • Additives dosage.