Water Treatment

In a world where water is an increasingly precious resource, accurate and appropriate treatment and conservation of water is increasingly complex and imperative, SEKO’s expertise delivers solutions suitable for the whole water cycle for human or industrial use while our engineers and researchers have developed products and accessories to meet and exceed the ruling national or international standards, where applicable, and supporting the major players finding the right integrated solution for their pumping needs.

Seawater Treatment and Desalination

These include pre-treatments for the primary source water to be subsequently used for diverse purposes, including agriculture, power stations, cooling towers, pulp & paper mills, mines and quarries, whereas the desalination (through Reverse Osmosis, Multi Stage Flash or Multiple Effect Distillation) is a further step for selected applications.

Water Purification

Typically for white water networks, drinking water or food & beverage industries, the purification is the process where fine filtration happens, removing suspended solids and exacting controls on chemicals occur.

Water Network Management

The global scarcity of water renders it a precious resource and its conservation is paramount along with the management of the distribution network which in turn becomes a major concern. Its reverse is the control of the effluent waters and the containment of eventual pollutants.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste water, whether industrial or municipal (sewage), are processed so that their bacterial loads and contaminants content will not harm either the natural environment or the human population. This is a critical part of the whole cycle and a number of different technologies are applied.

Reclaimed Water

Becoming more and more significant (and economical) is the reuse of effluent waters for both industrial and agriculture applications. Waste water is re-treated to achieve the given chemical and physical properties suitable for the further utilization.