Introducing SekureLoop, for chemical spillage prevention

In a world where workplace safety and environmental protection are more important than ever, SEKO is proud to announce SekureLoop, an ingenious solution to the problem of spillages that can occur during the transportation and handling of concentrated chemical.

Accidental leakage of highly-concentrated chemical not only puts operators and the environment at risk, it also leads to additional unforeseen costs from unplanned maintenance, downtime and staff absenteeism which subsequently impact on a company’s insurance costs and brand image.

SekureLoop addresses this common issue with a dual-component system comprising SEKO’s patented* factory-mounted insert and cap which enable two-way air venting of the chemical container while safely sealing the product inside.

As well as avoiding spillage and leakage during transportation, installation and transfer, SekureLoop prevents gas build up and bottle collapse to protect operators, equipment and the environment alike.

For more information on SekureLoop, contact your local SEKO office today.

*Patent pending