New features improve WareDose 35

As part of our ongoing product improvement that ensures our systems continue to meet the needs of an ever-changing market, SEKO has developed new features for the WareDose 35 warewash chemical dosing system that deliver even greater efficiency and ease of use.

Complementing the signature features such as simple installation, intuitive programming and high-precision dosing that have made WareDose 35 such a popular product are the following enhancements:

Multi-language programming menu – choose from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.

Probe check function – recognizes when the probe is suspended outside of the solution (meaning the wash tank is empty) and stops dosing.

Cyclic dosage option allows a certain quantity of detergent or rinse aid to be dosed at specific time intervals. Combined with the existing calibration feature, this improves dosing accuracy by allowing, for example, a specific volume of detergent to be dosed for every rack that passes through.

Conductivity setpoint acknowledgement moved to the moment the first wash signal is received after the first charge. This provides an accurate setpoint and allows more time for detergent and water to mix in the wash tank.

Find out more about the new WareDose range, including WareDose 35, by contacting your local SEKO office today.