Beta Technology

Now integrated into the SEKO group, the Beta Technology brand represents more than 40 years of design and manufacturing know-how in chemical dosing systems for commercial warewashing, laundry, and janitorial applications. Core technologies embedded in these systems include peristaltic pumps, conductivity control, timing, sequential logic, and data acquisition. Beta’s patented innovations in dosing control help reduce costs and improve service levels. Beta Technology products are designed to provide quality equipment that doses on time the first time.

Beta Technology’s chemical dosing systems for commercial kitchens are made for one purpose, ease of use. The array of warewashing Beta equipment provides a solution for the smallest manual-washing sink to largest multi-machine kitchen as well as parts and accessories. 

Beta Technology’s chemical dosing systems for laundries are made not only for small homestyle facilities, but large industrial ones as well. Having the right combination of systems and chemicals makes your laundry area function properly and efficiently. From the Alpine to the ILS MAX we have all your laundry dispensing systems covered.

Beta Technology’s chemical proportioning system provides a solution for a multitude of housekeeping applications. Interchangeable graphic bands, low and high flow hardware, and easy expansion allow for specific customization to any situation. 

Beta Technology’s specialty products provide solutions for many niche dose-dispensing needs. Some of those needs include drains, swimming pools, fountains and cooling towers.

Regardless of your application needs Beta Technology has your dispensing needs covered.