Vision & Mission

Our Vision


Our Mission

SEKO, is a passionate, dedicated Global Family of Professionals. We listen to each of our Partners and are committed to deliver the right solution in the Hygiene, Water Treatment and Industrial Process markets.

Our Values

SEKO is truly a multinational organisation, boasting teams from Shanghai to Sao Paolo, from Stockholm to Johannesburg. It is a dedicated team, committed to ensuring that its Partners and Customers’ businesses work efficiently, safely and reliably. Everyone, wherever they are or in whichever function they work, shares this driving passion, supported by a Company culture that nurtures and develops individuals, as well as teams, and ensures that its people are considered always as individuals with opportunities for personal development.

In the modern Globalised world, being a privately-owned company has significant benefits, particularly when it comes to SEKO’s ability to plan for and deliver true Partnership for the longer term for Customer and Employee alike.

3 Pillars

Mutual Respect

Doing business is about being able to generate trust between Customer and Supplier, and this trust can only be developed if there is a basis of mutual respect. So, at SEKO we believe in extending the Mutual Respect we have as an internal ethic and bringing it to our Business Partnerships. We’ll make sure we deliver against our commitments, on time and in a transparent fashion, so you know can plan for your own business needs.


In SEKO, quality is 360°. It covers not only the design, development, production and delivery of our products and solutions but it runs through the core professionalism of our teams. For us, being professional goes beyond the normal considerations and means acting with foresight, good reasoning and a sense of responsibility, taking care of every single aspect of our work and our interactions both inside and out of the company.

Spirit of Collaboration

SEKO prides itself on how we work as a worldwide team, able to bring solutions from an idea to the real world in very short time, working as a coherent, well-connected team within our SEKO Family, while also engaging and listening to our Customers, locally. Everyone in the Company understands their role in delivering the SEKO promise and to do this everyone has the opportunity to make suggestions to improve a final solution be it for a Customer or for process improvements within SEKO. This can only be done through our spirit of collaboration at every level.