SEKO presents a new communication software SekoNet. 

Greatly increasing the flexibility of the Kontrol 800 system, this software enables remote control communication thanks to its RS485 serial port and ModBus RTU protocol to make a network communication with all Kontrol 800 panel models. Thanks to the SekoNet software it is possible to have a real time data logger for Chlorine, pH and Temperature measures.

The network communication enables an operator to simultaneously control up to ninety-nine Kontrol 800 Panels contemporarily. This can be done through three wires into one cable linked to an bridge adapter RS485/USB port. It is possible to connect every unit to a personal computer and operate using just the one software to set all parameters across the system of controllers.

The RCC software administrator sends an SMS alarm by a GPRS external modem (optional unit), it is connected to personal computer. 

The main characteristics of this new software are:

  • Historical graphic measure
  • Adjust Set Point value by remote
  • Adjust minimum and maximum Alarm value measure
  • Real Time measures each Kontrol 800 connected

Another SEKO solution that provides performance and reliability essential to water treatment operators.