Dugattyús adagolószivattyú rugós visszahúzó mechanizmussal

  • Szivattyúfej: SS 316 L vagy PVC
  • Áramlás szabályozás: manuális, elektromos 4-20 mA vagy pneumatikus 3-15 psig szervomotorral
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Offering good economy, reliability and a low maintenance requirement, the K Model is an ideal solution for industrial applications where chemicals have to be pumped safely at low pressure. The K Exacta Series pump adopts the principle of the eccentric rotor with spring return to control the stroke variation and therefore the dosing of the pumped fluid. This principle is considered reliable, tested and simple to maintain. The installed motors can therefore be three or mono-phase, and with powers measured according to the needs of the application. 

Two models of plunger dosing pump exist.  KS1 (maximum stroke length 15mm) and KS2 (maximum stroke length 25mm) offer a large range of flow rates up to 1.000 l/h. The K Exacta Series pumps are also available with adjustable packing and therefore a high level of reliability for high pressure applications (up to 40 bar). The main applications are the waste water treatment, the treatment of industrial waters and the dosing of chemical additives for example in paper factories or food industries.