Pompa digitale con regolazione manuale della portata, dosaggio proporzionale in funzione di un segnale esterno analogico (4÷20 mA) o digitale (da contatore, per esempio).

La versione digitale della APG  offre ulteriori funzioni quali: timer, dosaggio in ppm, statistiche, password e entrata per segnale On/Off (controllo remoto).

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Digital dosing pump with constant flow rate that can be manually adjusted or proportional flow rate according to an external analogue (4÷20 mA) or digital pulse signal (e.g. from water meter).

This digital version of the APG, includes additional characteristics: timer function, ppm dosing, statistics, password and On/Off input (remote switch).
Tekna TPG Series is equipped with a manually priming pump for the start up. The pump is furnished with a complete standard installation kit, which includes: PVDF foot filter and injection valve, PVC suction tube, PE delivery tube. A PVDF-T installation kit is available on request.

Also available with a pump head in AISI316L which provides very high chemical compatibility with several liquid ends.