Peristaltic pumps for warewash dosing

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WareOne is the new peristaltic pump that takes the best of the technical aspects of SEKO's world best sellers PR and Dynamik pumps and brings a fresh modern professional look to the range. WareOne is designed to be installed mainly on under counter dishwashers or glass washers.

The clean, professional SEKO look features polished white casing and easy to open front covers that allow tool free tube replacement. The cover simply locks in the open position for easy access. 

Three rollers and big ball bearing on the motor shaft interface guarantees improved axial effort and enhances tube and motor lifespan by 15% - 20%. Edge free squeeze rollers makes tube replacement safer and easier avoiding technician injuries and reducing by 50% the tube replacement time.

A new modular bracket with same footprint as the pump and release lever makes installations easier and more stable over time, providing perfect modular alignment and eliminating the risk of the pump falling off the wall. The connection element is molded in the bracket itself and can be easily removed by hand if two pump connection is needed.

Models available:
WOPR-4 / WOPR-1 :  Analogue with speed adjustment (both for detergent and rinse aid dosage)
WORT-4 / WORT-9 :  Analogue with double timer adjustment for top-up and primer charge of detergent 
WOPM-0.5 :   Analogue with dosing time adjustment for rinse aid
WOPA-4/WOPA-9  :  Analogue with conductivity instigated dosing 
WODR :   Digital with adjustment of dosing time and speed for primer charge and top-up
WOCR :   Digital with conductivity enabled dosing if lower than set-point
WOSV :   Digital with control of solenoid valve opening to enable water inlet and dissolve solid detergent.