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The JetNeat system, the fastest, easiest, most convenient and suitable solution to wash, sanitize and rinse surfaces. JetNeat is composed from a spray gun with a quick connector and a venturi with a chemical tank built-in which can be applied at the exit of it.

Connected to the water tap by a flexible hose, the trigger gun is able to rinse thanks to a freshwater powerful jet.
Once the venturi is quick applied at the outlet of the gun, the Jet Neat can produce a mixing solution that can be sprayed or foamed based on the model and chemical used.

Portable low pressure cleaning system, requires no power or air supply, at up to 45°C. It combines a quick connect spray gun with chemical or disinfectant reservoirs made of durable, chemical resistant plastics. With a large range of metering tips for controlling dilution ratios, it comes in 1.4 lt (0.4 gal) and 2.5 lt (0.7 gal) versions.