SekureDose shrinks to 2.5ltr

SekureDose 2.5lt 0.5Gal

SekureDose has shrunk, helping deliver the safest and most convenient “all in one” solution for dosing chemicals to places where space is at a premium and where water is not available.

With a reduced footprint when compared to the SekureDose 5 litre, it is now even more suitable for use in places like: hotels, restaurants, schools and offices, offering a “turn-key” solution for dosing chemicals into spray bottles or buckets to wash floors, counter tops or other hard washable surfaces and for sink filling for pot and pan washing.

SekureDose offers tool free installation with an easy to maintain manual pump mechanism built into a robust, easy to clean chemical cabinet.

Main features:

Easy calibration

No electrical connection, no water supply required

Modular flexibility

High personalization capability

Compact solution