Dosing pump controllers

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Kontrol 100 are advanced controllers designed for high-end applications. All models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be programmed by the end user via software providing the user has a great autonomy in programming. Kontrol 100 instruments assist the installer in managing and replacing the measuring electrodes, using the "electrode quality" function.

Kontrol 100 is suitable for the following applications: drinking water - irrigation systems - cooling towers - swimming pools - flocculent dosing systems - waste water - pure water - reverse osmosis  

To facilitate further legibility during programming and data reading, Kontrol 100's reverse display function allows the user to reverse the writing on the screen to obtain a high contrast. The multi-colour backlit function, with four different colors, makes it easy to interpret what function the controller is in even in poor light conditions.
Kontrol 100 features a Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol that allows remote control interface using a RS485 port, making using the system for larger multi-site complexes easier and more efficient.