Smart single-parameter water-treatment controller

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The Kontrol 150 series are professional water-treatment controllers designed for advanced high-end applications. All models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be set via software by the end user, who has full programming autonomy.

Kontrol 150 has independent and proportional control outputs with active PID, an RS485 serial port with Modbus protocol. Thanks to an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, users have the power to remotely adjust all parameters via PC, laptop or smartphone, while a dashboard controller provides on-demand parameter measure and status output information. 

The comprehensive menu allows management of:
• Statistics: internal data logger measurements
• Actions: read and write parameters 
• Settings: set all parameters and save configuration file
• Network: communication parameters
• Software update: service routine for controller updates.

The controller assists the installer in the management and replacement of the measurement electrodes by means of the “electrode quality” control function.