Double Diaphragm pumps for heavy duty applications.
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The BN high pressure pump model works at a discharge pressure up to 350 bar and allows an accurate injection of corrosion and scale inhibitors.

This pump is designed in accordance with API 675 standard 3rd edition. It covers Oil&Gas market applications and it can also be employed in the offshore industry, where production sites are being driven into increasingly deeper water and the components of crude oil cause corrosion and scale deposits.

The high reliability of these pumps avoids the need for emergency maintenance activities thus reducing the cost of operation and even at high pressures, the double diaphragm configuration guarantees a “zero leakage” solution. Furthermore, it can remotely detect the first diaphragm failure and sound an immediate alarm that enables a rapid maintenance intervention.

It is also possible to customize both the head and the valve seats of the pump with special corrosion-resistant materials such as Hastelloy. Depending on the process severity of the fluid, different selections of material can be combined.

The compact design of the main components makes installation possible even in narrow spaces, usually found in offshore applications.

When a multi-point injection is requested, the optimal solution is a multi-head configuration, easy to get even with the mixing of different size heads. This solution guarantees a low power consumption, resulting environmental friendly.

The pump design allows operators to link the flow rate to the process parameters. Through an integrated servomotor (ATEX certified) the stroke length can be adjusted, while thanks to a Variable Speed Driver fed by a Frequency Converter, it is possible to control the speed.