Smart double-parameter water-treatment controller 

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In complex high-end water-treatment applications, SEKO’s intuitive Kontrol 152 double-parameter controllers are the professionals’ choice for complete programming autonomy and world-class operational efficiency.

An integrated data logger and connectivity to our dedicated SekoWeb portal enable download, setting and control of parameters on demand from any location worldwide, while a standard serial port RS485 device allows for communication with a local network. 

All Kontrol 152 models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be set via software, while double PID regulation delivers twice the measurement capacity of the Kontrol 500 for superior cost control as well as complete command of the application.

SEKO’s water-treatment industry expertise means that Kontrol 152 has been designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including; cooling water treatment, irrigation systems, fish farming, swimming pools, flocculent dosing systems, wastewater, potable water, plating and reverse osmosis.