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Panel Systems and Solutions

Measuring and controlling water quality in a quick, accurate and consistent way is fundamental in all the applications where this represents a key factor.

Wherever there is a need to install a new system for controlling water quality, the option of ready-to-install solutions provides a solution with many advantages saving time and money for the installation whilst avoiding the risks that potentially come from a bad selection of individual components, that could be wrong for the application or incompatible.

SEKO, well known for developing practical and effective solutions, provides a range of pre-assembled panels that can assure outstanding performances in most of the most common applications in the field of water treatment.

Panels & Cabinets

The Kontrol Panel range represents a technical solution for the markets of water treatment and of industrial processes.
The multi-parameter controllers are ideal for the following applications: domestic water treatment, drinking water, cooling towers, swimming pools, waste water treatment.