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Chlorine dioxide dosing unit for legionella prevention and control

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For a safe, secure and precise solution to the control and eradication of water-borne bacteria such as legionella, professionals turn to the SEKO Chlorine Dioxide System.

By preparing chlorine dioxide – highly volatile in its gaseous state when exposed to rising temperatures, light or organic substances – in an aqueous solution, this system renders the ClO2 completely harmless.

The chlorine dioxide dosing unit ensures the user’s safety by isolating the chemical pumps in two ABS cabinets separated by the control box. Meanwhile, a specially-designed PVC injector has an integral reaction chamber – submerged in the water line – to eliminate storage and pumping of activated ClO2 solutions.

These features, combined with the Chlorine Dioxide System’s easy-to-use programming menu, automatic calibration and superior reliability, make it the leading water-treatment solution of its kind.