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SEKO's inline proportionally dosed Chlorine Dioxide generation system can be used with almost all sizes of water connection pipework and we offer a wide range of manifolds to suit most applications.

Chlorine Dioxide (CL02) is a powerful oxidant, used commercially in aqueous solution rather than gas, due to its explosiveness when exposed to rising temperatures, exposure to light or when allowed to come into contact with organic substances. In aqueous solution it is completely harmless and will not react chemically with water, as would chlorine. 

Chlorine Dioxide can be used up to a maximum dose level of 0.5ppm for drinking water disinfection and has particular advantages where phenols are likely to cause taste problems, or in waters which have high pH or ammonia levels. Chlorine dioxide is far more soluble than chlorine and residuals are easily removed from water by airation. 

Chlorine Dioxide will deteriorate when the water is in an open vessel, leaving a negligible amount of chloric acid (HCLO3).