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Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated. SEKO is perfectly equipped to provide you with tailored solutions, high-quality products and unique expertise to match your needs in the entire water treatment process. SEKO can supply pumps (basically covering any requirement and all possible flow rates/pressure ranges) and controllers (both electrical and pneumatic actuators) for the entire water distribution system.

Waste water plant requires metering pumps to dose treatment chemical for disinfection, filtration, clarification, coagulation, flocculation, etc. SEKO pumps meet these requirements because of their flexibility to easily vary the amount of chemical dosage rates, according to the process conditions. SEKO pumps are suitable for dosing           • Concentrated and diluted sulfuric acid, • Caustic soda, • Ferric chloride, • Antiscalant, • Potassium permanganate, • Polymer, • Aluminium sulphate, • Sodium hypochlorite, • Calcium hypochlorite, • Acetic acid • RO pump SMBS, sulphuric acid, antiscalant • Neutralization pumps (caustic, sulphuric acid).