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Introducing the future of hand hygiene: DispenserONE®

SEKO is proud to present DispenserONE®, our latest innovation that solves the issues associated with traditional hand sanitizer dispensers while adding a multitude of features to benefit users and operators alike.

With a capacity of 25 litres providing an average of 25,000 doses of sanitizer, DispenserONE® offers up to 50 times the capacity of a conventional dispenser, making it ideal for airports, supermarkets, hospitals, shopping malls, sports stadiums and countless other large-scale sites.

As well as ensuring users always have access to hand sanitizer, DispenserONE® large tank size vastly reduces refilling frequency to minimize maintenance requirement and make life easier for operators.  

This main-powered system removes reliance on batteries, while touch-free dispensing maximizes user safety. Meanwhile, with remote access possible via an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot, operators can view live statistics on sanitizer level and usage data and make dosing adjustments from any location.

Visit our dedicated website for everything you need to know about the indispensable solution for a COVID-secure future: www.dispenserone.com