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Group Profile

Considered Solutions to Your Operating Needs

SEKO a global producer and designer of dosing pumps and metering solutions focuses on three core business areas: Cleaning and Hygiene, Water Treatment and Industrial Processes. Founded in 1976, SEKO has over the last 40 plus years, expanded from a business of 35 employees delivering solutions within Italy, to a Global operation with over 800 employees. Its Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions are recognised as class leading and are used by some of the world’s largest companies. Our Water Treatment business covers all areas of the sector and again we lead the world in areas such as Swimming Pools as well as supplying some of the biggest Global players. Our Industrial Processes business brings the technical precision and know-how of our Oil and Gas teams into the rest of our processes.

Where We Deliver

Partnership being at the core of everything we do, SEKO supports its customers in every phase of a project, from the inception of an idea or request, through design and testing to launch and installation. No matter which processes and applications are planned SEKO has a solution in the following market segments: 

Our Global presence ensures that we can support our Customers wherever they are. Supported by teams in over 20 countries as well as our accredited Partner Distributor network, we ensure professional, local customer support in over 100 countries with the added benefit of rapid delivery of goods to meet your needs. All this backed up and supported by a world-class team of Technical Customer Service, able to provide all the back up or technical support needed. With 7 ISO certificated production sites in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we are close to our customers and fully compliant with all local norms both in terms of our product designs as much as our production facilities.

Our extensive product range represents a unique combination of design, development and implementation know how. With a wide and ever evolving range of products and ancillaries we can offer specific and comprehensive solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Our solutions are conceived to fit seamlessly into your operation, optimizing the processes and applications. SEKO’s commitment to true partnership means that we will work alongside you throughout ensuring that all parties involved benefit from the collaboration, while we continue to set the benchmark in the market.

From start to finish, we support our Customers and Partners who have chosen SEKO thanks to our competence, reliability, flexibility and global experience, and are committed to delivering the right solution to every need, as we have done for over 40 years.