Timed Dosing

A blocked drain or grease trap is a costly issue to resolve and can effectively put equipment out of service, on top of the hygiene and odour problems.

SEKO’s timed dosage systems are designed as biological drain dosing systems and provide accurate automatic dosing of enzyme based chemicals that will naturally prevent the build-up of fat and the drains clogging, providing it is applied regularly and at the appropriate time each day.

With systems that deliver a single chemical dose per day at the programmed time, up to devices with 48 programmable events per day, these devices can be installed to inject directly into the waste outlet pipe, grease traps, pumping stations or urinals. 

The UR1 chemical dispenser for urinal (available in the UK) has been designed specifically for use in any commercial washroom. 

SEKO’s Timed dosing solutions, provide the confidence of knowing that your chosen enzyme product will be regularly dosed, eliminating any issue of clogged drain.