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Venturi based proportioning system

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BetaJet’s patented design makes offers reliability and convenience unlike any other proportioning system. Installation is easy and reduces the need for unscheduled maintenance caused by the clogging of old-fashioned metering tip and are also reduced by
BetaJet’s ultrafine filtration water strainer.

BetaJet reduces your inventory requirements by making reconfiguration simple. Switching from bottle fill to bucket fill takes just seconds, and you can snap BetaJet's together quickly without tools or threaded fittings. They offer a new standard in usability, safety, and reliability (Because these proportioners take the metering device out of the chemical supply tube.)

Patented clog-resistant metering peg is easier to handle and harder to lose. Its ultra-fine mesh strainer that protects nozzle from
splash-inducing debris while the flow-through strainer reduces clogging. The R-Gap version provides extreme reliability, even with
extremely hard water while the A-Gap nozzle features a patented lip that reduces scale-induced backpressure splashing. The patented laminar-flow eductor body reduces splashing.