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Battery-powered timed drain dosing system

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In restaurants, grocery store meat departments and meat processing and packing facilities, keeping grease traps and drains free of blockages caused by the build-up of fats and oils requires a robust and reliable solution. That’s why food service and production operators love the Drain Battery enzyme dosing unit from SEKO.

With digital timing controlled by an intuitive programming interface, Drain Battery can be set to deliver up to 17 doses of enzyme-based chemical per day into grease traps and drains. This breaks down grease, fat and oil before it accumulates and causes blockages and overflowing drains.

The system’s peristaltic pump includes SEKO’s transaxle technology for excellent resistance to mechanical wear plus high-grade SekoFlex tubing that provides superior chemical compatibility – extending both motor and tube life.

This versatile unit can also be used for intermittent timed dosing into warewash, swimming pool and lift station applications.