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Single and double parameter control instuments.

A simple, well executed solution for regulating water treatment applications with single or dual parameters. Designed with understanding and experience.

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The Kontrol 500 series is a range of single-parameter water treatment controllers, with each model dedicated to high-precision measurement of a specific value, including chlorine, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH and ORP. This makes Kontrol 500 suitable across a vast range of water-treatment applications, whether used as a swimming pool or spa controller, in a cooling tower control system or for turbidity control.

This system includes analogue and digital outputs that can be set by the user via software, while measurement and temperature readings can be read simultaneously.

Kontrol 500’s connectivity options extend to an RS485 serial port with Modbus protocol that enables set-up and acquisition of historical and real-time data on PC or laptop (Communication Software Master Controller NET required).

With its data logger function and graphic line feedback for accurate tracking of the system in use and “electrode quality” control that facilitates management and replacement of the measurement electrodes, Kontrol 500 is the preferred controller for the water-treatment professional.