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Full motion mechanism pumps


SEKO’s latest product in the pump sector is KOSMO. A range of full motion electric motor-driven pumps aimed at delivering exceptional performance across a wide range of flow and pressure environments. 

As with other models in SEKO’s range Kosmo MM1 can be used across a broad range of applications. The pump can handle flow rates of up to 530 l/h at pressures of up to 12 bar and at a maximum working temperature of 40℃.

Kosmo MM2  features the same distinctive specs of MM1 series, while the range provides higher dosing performance for the most demanding application. Constructed in hard wearing metal with a cast aluminium housing, Kosmo MM2 can handle the largest output with flow rates of up to 2,300 l/h, at pressures up to 10 bar and at a maximum working temperature of  40℃.

Suitable for a wide range of applications within water treatment but also outside of this arena, Kosmo can effectively be used in any of the following applications: potable water treatment: (injection of coagulants, flocculating agents, sodium hypochlorite, lime slurry, acid, bases, caustic soda, activated carbon, etc,); domestic or industrial waste water treatment, boiler feed water, cooling water; chemical treatment, electrolytic (electro-plating) treatments: addition of degreasing agents, cleaning agents, nickel electroplating and chemical nickel plating, copper plating, tinning etc.