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Accurate, on-demand dosing system
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SingleShot is a microprocessor-controlled chemical injection device for accurate, on-demand dosing for a variety of applications, including over-the-sink pot and pan and top-load laundry machine dosing.

SingleShot features programmable delay, dose and lockout times of 0 to 20 minutes each. The programmable delay time is excellent for top-loading laundry applications where a pre-wash cycle occurs, as well as for sink-fill applications where the operator requires a minimum chemical dilution. 

The programmable dose time allows you to set the dispenser to dose chemical for a specified runtime, or to pump a specific amount of chemical by setting run time volumetrically using a measuring cup. A lockout time can be programmed to occur after the dosing event to protect against repeat dosing.

SingleShot is available in 115 VAC or battery power. It has a low-battery indicator to tell you when it is time to change the batteries.


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