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Smart systems for smart laundries



Smart Spring is a system designed to control a motor driven or solenoid metering pump instead of peristaltic pumps (pumps not included). The new system can operate in programmable mode (triggered by signals) or in relay mode. Aimed squarely at the largest tunnel laundry machines, Smart Spring has great flexibility due to it modular build. 

Smart Spring triggered via signals from laundry machines, up to 20 wash formulas capacity, each having unique active times and delay times for each relay outputs.

Smart Spring R with relay mode operation. Relay outputs active as long as their respective signals are present. Activation times, delay times and formulas disabled. 

Maximum flexibility

  • Available in versions from 7 relay outputs covering a wide dosage range
  • Power relay for heavy duty loads
  • Able to dose up to 3 chemical products simultaneously
  • Plastic enclosure 
  •  7 relay outputs connection electrical circuit
  •  Front cover opens to 85° allowing easier electrical connections
  •  IP 65 protection rating and class 2 electrical insulation (no ground connection required): equipped with tamper resistant devices
  •  Easy maintenance, no special tools required and easy wall mounting or removing thanks to the built-in mounting brackets