Duotek Damper Series

Pneumatic automatic pulsation dampers


The active pulsation damper is the most efficient way to remove pressure variations on the discharge of the pump and to keep the flow of the fluid as uniform as possible. SEKO pulsation dampers work actively with compressed air and a diaphragm, automatically setting the correct pressure to minimise pulsations. 


Pulsation dampers require minimal maintenance and are, subject to the requirements of the application, available in the same housing and diaphragm materials as the pump.


SEKO Duotek Dampers ensure a significant pulsation reduction on the delivery channel, with an average 70%-80% pulsation reduction in high backpressure applications.

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Equalizes discharge pressure spikes, increasing accuracy

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Filter press/in-line filters

Increases filter efficiency and life by providing a smooth flow

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Smooth, consistent spray pattern

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Eliminates inconsistent filling and splashing

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Eliminates harmful water hammer, preventing pipe and valve damage

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Fluid connections: 3/4” - 2"
Air connection: 6 - 12 mm
Max air pressure: 8 bar