PoolOne Series

Swimming pool chemical dosing pumps


Choose the PoolOne Series for your swimming pool and let SEKO put your mind at ease with our chemical dosing and control systems that ensure swimmers enjoy safe, healthy water while you benefit from reduced chemical consumption and low maintenance requirement.


PoolOne is a range of high-precision peristaltic dosing pumps designed for indoor and outdoor pools up to 300m³ which use digital flow rate regulation to ensure water quality is ultra consistent.


As well as ensuring user wellbeing, this helps you avoid costly and damaging health-related incidents – all achieved with minimal chemical usage.

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Galvanic electrical and measure insulation

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Three PVDF rollers and Santoprene tubing

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Installation kit included

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Digital flow rate regulation between 10% - 100%

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Circulation pump checks “power on” flow trigger

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Wizard probe calibration and degree of health

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  • Flow rate: 25 ml/h - 8 l/h
  • Pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Pool size:
    • Indoor: 1 - 600m³
    • Outdoor: 1 - 550m³