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Wall mounted solenoid driven dosing pumps

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Tekna Series is the range of innovative wall mounted solenoid driven dosing pumps that SEKO has designed following many years of experience working with its customers worldwide. These multifunctional solenoid driven dosing pumps maintain outstanding precision and reliability, critical to any customer, characteristics synonymous with the SEKO name.

Using only premium materials in its manufacture, Tekna's pump head comes as standard in PVDF and with a ceramic ball valve. These features assure high performance for the chosen applications and improve the reliability of the pump assuring the chemical
compatibility of the wetted parts.

SEKO’s diaphragms are solid PTFE offering superior life expectancy and are guaranteed by SEKO for 5 years, making routine replacement no longer necessary. Tekna features reduced energy consumption thanks to a Stabilized Multi Power Supply 100 - 240 Vac 50/60 Hz.

Tekna is also available in ATEX standard compliant versions. This pump offers digital dosing with a constant or proportional flow rate, that is manually adjustable from 0 - 100% and has a level control input. Tekna ATEX comes as standard with a pump head in AISI 316. Optionally available are heads in PVDF, outer casing made in aluminium and with a manual priming valve.

Special versions available include 
AKE200 5 l/h @ 8 bar
AKL101 1 - 6 l/d
AKS604 10 l/h @ 5 bar
ATL400 STD version
ATL400 Air conditioning version
TPG300 0.5 l/h @ 5 bar