Assured Clean Water

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KemiDose Time, offers an advanced combined system with a peristaltic dosing pump with timed dosing to adjust key chemical parameters in water treatment plants as well as domestic, above ground pools and spa.

KemiDose Time: applicable across a wide variety of applications and can be used for example in the elimination and prevention of algae spread that for applications where public health or appearance are key, could become a major issue. Dosing a specific chemical product to destroy algae requires a robust simple to operate reliable solution but also one that can assure dosage precision and repeatability over a long period of time to ensure pristine water quality.

KemiDose Time has a weekly timer to guarantee 10 dosing events per day. SEKO has developed a digital system with weekly timer to dose exact volumes per each event; thanks to the calibration function (via software) the maximum flow rate is fully adjustable. 
The unit assures flow rates from 975 cc/hour to 9700 cc/hour volume