Solenoid dosing pumps

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Kompact is a simple and reliable range of micro-processor based wall mounted solenoid driven dosing pump. The range has been designed to provide a general solution to the most commonly found daily needs. The range features both constant and proportional flow rates managed through a manually adjustable control dial on the front panel.

Kompact AMS is an analogue dosing pump with constant flow rate with manual adjustment using the control dial on the front panel. Power-ON led indicator.

Kompact AMS uses premium materials in its manufacture. The pump head comes as standard in PVDF-T, but can be optionally
specified in natural PVDF and comes with a ceramic ball valve as standard improving the reliability of the pump over time and offers chemical compatibility of the wetted parts. SEKO’s diaphragms are made of pure solid PTFE offering a superior life expectancy
guaranteed by SEKO for 5 years, making routine replacement no longer necessary.