Solenoid dosing pumps

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SEKO’s range of base mounted solenoid driven dosing pumps features new revolutionary electronic stroke length regulation. The range offers both constant and manually adjustable, proportional flow rates, which can be based on either an an external analogue or digital pulse signal.

Maxima Plus has a new concept of programming menu, where the menus are self explanatory and available in 5 languages featuring an intelligent display, that means that once a function is selected the pump will only display the parameters to set, which are linked to the selected function. 

Otherwise Maxima Plus features all the same benefits of the Maxima family of products, including the diaphragm that is guaranteed for 5 years, ceramic balls as standard that improves the pumping reliability and the chemical compatibility of the whole liquid end and the single casing that allows skids to be pre-constructed, as the fixing points remain constant, and the pumps can be selected based on the dosing flow.

Analogue dosing pump with manually adjustable constant flow rate  or proportional flow rate based on an external analog (4÷20 mA) or digital pulse signal (e.g. from water meter).

  • Control dial (percentage and "n" value in multiplication mode) n 
  • 6 position adjustable switch: – 3 in division mode (1, 4, 10 = n) – 1 in multiplication mode (n=1) – 1 for proportional 4÷20 mA signal – 1 for constant functionality 
  • “pacing” function adjustable by dip switch 
  • electronic stroke length regulation with analogue interface