Continuous flow polymer preparation unit

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PolyCendos is an all-in-one polymer preparation system for the batching of liquid and powder flocculants in a broad range of water-treatment applications in industries such as wastewater, paper, chemical, petrochemical and mineral processing. 

This triple-chamber continuous-flow system is available in six models to suit every application, with control panels, powder feeder, diaphragm dosing pumps, mixers and stirrers all integrated into a single solution.

Designed for heavy-duty water-treatment environments, PolyCendos’ dissolving, maturing and storage chambers are constructed entirely in polypropylene with batching screws in stainless steel for outstanding corrosion resistance.

Intuitive control allows users to easily calibrate the powder metering unit and liquid concentrate pump, with batching adjustment managed via a precise speed regulator. Meanwhile, conductivity level probes alert operators to high, low and critically-low levels via emergency warning light.