Intelligent laundry dosing at your fingertips

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WashDose, single washer extractor operating system brings industrial technology to the on premise laundry, offering flexibility and reliability for easy, intelligent dosing with key features including precise control and remote management, that helps drive operational efficiency and therefore profit. 

The WashDose system is aimed at on premise laundry operators, designed to allow OPL Laundry Managers to control accurately
their overall operation, helping to reduce over consumption of chemical, water and energy within the overall wash process. 

WashDose comes as a peristaltic multi pump dosing system featuring 3 different pump heads: P type 15 l/h, S type 25 l/h and H type 100 l/h (adjustable 25-50-75-100%). The WashDose can be equipped with Proof of Dosing (PoD) the flowmeter is optional.

As with the rest of the Wash Series, WashDose offers remote management of the dosing systems. The Wash System series uses either a pc, tablet or phone to be programmed and works independently from any operating system/hardware. It works in any web browser on any internet enabled device. No special software is required and it can be used with a PC or Mac Computer, or any smart communication device. 

Its web connection provides detailed reports covering chemical consumption, formula usage as well as quantity and cost control; the system also features appropriate alarms and warning signals.