Wall-mounted foam cleaning station

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A wall-mounted system for cleaning vertical surfaces and hard-to-reach areas including clean in place, SEKO’s ProFoam represents one of the market’s most efficient solutions.

This easy-to-use cleaning station is available in PVC or stainless steel and automatically mixes chemical with water to generate a thick, high-quality dry foam that’s delivered by a HACCP-compliant hose and lance, making it ideal for the food and beverage industry along with automotive and pharmaceutical applications.

As the foam clings to the surface, the extended contact time maximizes chemical effectiveness to provide superior cleaning performance, while for a complete solution the ProFoam-R variant features a rinse functionality.

ProFoam’s venturi functionality not only maintains chemical consistency but also reduces the number of moving components to simplify maintenance and extend the equipment’s life. Meanwhile, the absence of an electrical connection further enhances the system’s safety.