Venturi-powered laundry dosing system


Never before has SEKO brought the power of venturi-based dosing to laundry – until now.

Introducing LS100, our latest laundry system that uses water pressure to control chemical dosing, meaning no moving parts, less wear and hundreds of thousands of doses before you even need to think about cartridge replacement. That’s the power of venturi.

Meanwhile, this single system doses up to 10 chemicals in as many as four washers, making it perfect for on-premise laundries of every size. It’s modular, too, so you can easily add additional units as your laundry grows.

That’s not all. As well as an intuitive touchscreen display and ergonomic formula selector, LS100 can be operated via our new SekoBlue app, which uses Bluetooth connectivity for remote dosing management and data on demand even when there’s no Wi-Fi.

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•    Flow rate: 650 – 1,300 ml/min
•    Pressure: 0.5 bar
•    Display: 4.5” colour touchscreen
•    Manages up to 10 chemical products
•    Two main versions with a choice of 4 or 6 inlets
•    Modular design
•    Hose barb connections for 8/10mm or 3/8” ID tubing
•    Special O-rings for superior chemical compatibility
•    Low flow rate version: 650 ml/min @1.5 bar
•    High flow rate version: 1,300 ml/min @ 1.5 bar
•    Auto formula selection: binary and time based
•    Relay mode functionality available
•    Time-based statistics for chemical consumption, cycles and cost
•    Optional 4-inlet extension 
•    All modules with CANbus communication
•    Formula selector:
      o    1.3” colour display 
      o    Backlit toggle knob to signal system status
      o    Magnetic rear casing for fixing to washer
•    Trigger interface:
      o    Up to 5 signals input from 12 Vdc to 240 Vac
      o    Easy wiring inputs: pre-wash, main wash (hot and cold), spare and rinse
      o    AFS signal with reset function